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advisory planning

At WC&P we do more than execute projects….



Our Management Advisory Services Include:

  • Feasibility Analysis

    A feasibility analysis is an overall review of foodservice systems opportunities and problems using a high-level, macro-review approach. This analysis can occur at any time but typically occurs either prior to design commencement or as a separate stand-alone assessment of the project facilities. It is often used to determine the degree and type of food services that is appropriate for a particular project.

  • Master Planning

    Master planning occurs after the decision to include food and laundry services has been made. It is the review of all operational, legal, situational, and any additional related logistical issues that may impact the planning and design of the future food and beverage, laundry, or solid waste systems. The result of the master planning services is a detailed written study document.

  • Programming

    Programming is the natural next step after the completion of master planning and prior to design commencement. It outlines all of the necessary specific design elements for a project such as systems that will be employed, special requirements for a project, and/or property, space adjacencies, estimated equipment costs, space requirements, and any additional factors required.

operational studies

  • Operational Studies

    Operational studies are completed when a facility is interested in learning more about one of two scenarios. The first scenario is when a company would like to evaluate the financial viability to sustain its current operation. The second scenario occurs when a facility would like to learn how to modify an existing operation to reach specific preset financial goals and objectives. This evaluation looks at the entire operation. The knowledge and experience of the consultant is a critical factor to the success of an operational study.

  • Facility Audits

    A facility audit is the review of a facility’s food and beverage operation as it relates to 1: Contract requirements and 2: Industry benchmark quality and service levels. A facility audit is extremely detailed and surveys a foodservice or laundry operation on a micro-level. The deliverable is a detailed report that outlines the various issues

  • Development of RFP’s & Sample Contract Document Packages

    Bill Caruso was one of the first food facilities consultants to create RFP and sample contract document packages for foodservice clients back in 1973. He is well known in the industry for this particular service.

    Over the years, these packages have become systemized documents that clients Contractcan use when there is a need to employ an outside contract foodservice firm within one of their facilities. WC&P consults clients in creating customized RFP’s listing all of the requirements necessary to both prepare and provide a written proposal to manage a foodservice operation. A sample legal contract simply outlines the legal responsibilities and requirements of all parties involved for that operation. These sample documents have assisted many clients over the last twenty plus years and have earned WC&P’s clients over $1 billion dollars in additional commissions and grants.

  • Expert Witness Services

    As a global leader in the industry, the firm and William Caruso have been called on, both domestically and internationally, many times throughout the years as expert witnesses for legal cases in trial or litigation based on WC&P’s knowledge and stature as an independent consulting firm.

  • Branding & Menu Development Consulting

    marketing-brandBranding and menu development consulting is a service unique to WC&P. We understand how to create a holistic experience within facilities through excellence in food and beverage systems planning and design. WC&P provides professional consultation regarding the type, style, and menu mix of food and beverage offerings within a facility, as well as how to create visually appealing spaces and brand logos using light, color, and overall look and feel.